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Therapy offers you a choice, and a chance to

build the life you want!

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My Philosophy

Every person has inner resources that can lead them through their lives.  However, at times we lose our direction due to unexpected reasons. During these difficult points, we need a guide to help us navigate life’s path successfully.  My intent is to be that guide in using those inner resources in rediscovering your own unique path toward a more fulfilling life.

                Our experiences shape us and influence our life decisions, but these experiences do not need to define us.  Negative experiences and challenges can cause us to lose sight of what makes us happy.  By taking ownership of how these experiences affect us, we can make the choice to be healthy.   As a therapist, my goal is to assist you in facing the challenges, reconciling past issues, and moving towards making the healthy choices today that will shape your future. 

                Our relationships are an essential and inescapable part of our lives.   At times we develop unhealthy patterns within those relationships.  Due to the complexity of relationships with ourselves and others additional support may be needed.   Therapy can offer that guidance needed to develop more effective patterns and communication in those relationships.  The most important thing for us to remember is that relationships start and end with ourselves.